Allen & Yee lawyers is a newly established small law firm situated on the corners of Byron and Colombo Street. This newly built and established law firm wants to expand its Reach in Christchurch and across New Zealand

When i started working on the construction of the Allen & Yee Lawyers Christchurch Website. I made sure to question the business owners on what type of law they do and who they do it with. e.g (Business to Business or Business to Consumer). This gave me a good idea of their target market/audience and i was able to stylize and design the website accordingly with this research.

With the research done i realised it would be effective to take imagery of the building for use in the backgrounding of the website. Aswell as to highlight key areas of the premiss for any potential clients.

When Discussing what they wanted from their website It was decided that the website was merely for introducing people to the business what it’s about and does. As well as necessary contact information and services. From this, we decided a Single Page Website would be the best approach It would look professional. Clean and wouldn’t be hard to use or manage for both clients and staff.

After we Established this we worked on creating a colour pallet for the website. Which consisted of Black and White Aswell as the use of the buildings interior accent colour (Resene UnderCover). I used These to stylize the images to be sleek professional looking greyscale images and i used perspective in the photography. This gave it a sleek and expensive look which was very effective when constructing the website.